We are excited to serve our Brazilian customers and local Colorado community. We have been serving this community for over 7 years in Colorado.  Our goal is to bring a little bit of Brazil to all food lovers living in Colorado. We have a variety of Brazilian products in our market, and an authentic and delicious Brazilian menu in our restaurant. We feature staple dishes from Brazil, like the national dish, "Feijoada", and our famous "pao de queijo", which are gluten free, and a small bite of heaven.

 Little Brazil is committed to serving delicious and authentic Brazilian food, and to provide great customer service. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations and have the products you need available to you. 

We thank you for considering shopping with us. If you are a current customer, thank you for being loyal during the past years. We want to continue delivering the best products and service possible, with our "Jeitinho Brasileiro".



Tuesday, January 1 - New Year’s Day

Monday, January 21 - MLK DAY

Sunday, April 21 - Easter

Monday, May 27 - Memorial Day

Thursday, July 4 - Independence Day

Monday, September 2 - Labor Day

Thursday, November 28 - Thanksgiving Day

Wednesday, December 25 - Christmas Day


Some of Our Favorites —


Black Bean Stew (Feijoada)

Our National Dish features 4 different meats, and it is simply delicious!

Fried Pastry (Pastéis) 

Sweet and savory Brazilian version of an "empanada"

Cheese Bread Roll (Pão de queijo) 

These tradicional gluten free rolls are a bite of heaven! 

Fruit Juices (Sucos de frutas)

We feature a variety of exotic fruits from the North and Northeast of Brazil

Guaraná Antarctica

Our most famous brazilian soft drink



Chicken Croquette (Coxinha) 

Our croquette  is made from scratch with filled with our seasoned shredded chicken and cream cheese 

Top Sirloin (Picanha)

Our most popular sirloin cut. It is juicy and tender.

Passion Fruit Mousse (Mousse de maracuja)

A light and creamy treat, made with tropical passion fruit

Chocolate Caramel Truffle (Brigadeiro)

Sweet chocolate caramel bites, traditionally served at birthday parties, but at Little Brazil you can have them everyday! 



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Best Bites - Coxinha
A walk down many neighborhood streets in Brazil reveals countless glass-covered displays, each containing raindrop-shaped pastries illuminated under heat lamps. These are coxinhas (translation: “little thighs”). By my account, they are an acquired taste. The doughy masses, stuffed with dry shredded arrived at Little Brazil in Wheat Ridge, we can all decide for ourselves. Try it once, and it’s a bit weird. Try it twice, and the coxing becomes a pleasant surprise. On the third tasting, the pastry morphs into an irresistible craving. The coxinhas at Little Brazil aren’t quite as perfect as the ones I remember from my time in Juiz de Fora, but that may be nothing more than a bit of wistful nostalgia.
— Sam Brasch - 5280 Denver's Mile High Magazine
Interview with Kallen Marques, owner.

Q: How did you get involved in this business?

A: I had been thinking of opening a Brazilian restaurant for as long as I can remember, so when I actually sat down to write a business plan, I remembered the Brazilian market Emporio do Brasil (the previous restaurant at the same location) and thought how great it would be if I created a partnership with the owner. When I approached the owner with my business plan, she said she wanted to sell. It turned out to be a better deal for me to buy them out because it was easier to implement my ideas and vision to the place, alongside my business partner, Polly Furay. Polly is teacher at Wheat Ridge High School.
— Denver Post


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